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Earthly Hair Growth & Repair Mask

Earthly Hair Growth & Repair Mask

$45.00 Regular Price
$41.40Sale Price

This hair mask is made to penetrate its ingredients and benefits deep in the hair follicles and along the hair shaft.  This combination of ingredients will draw out impurities and fill your hair and scalp with the necessary essentials for hair repair and hair growth.  Earthly Hair Growth & Repair Mask will soften & grow your hair, will strengthen your hair, & stop it from falling out.  This product is 100% natural and is time sensitive.  It must be refridgerated and has a shelf life of 1 month.  For regular maintentance, the hair mask can be used once every 1-2 weeks.  For severe scalp issues and damage, it is recommended to use twice a week for the first month. 


Ingredients are as follows:

Herbs/plants/flowers: Thyme, Rosemary, Lavender, Sandalwood,  Eucalyptus, Chamomile, Yarrow, Lemongrass, Sage

Oils: Flaxseed, Patchouli, Eucalyptus, Cedarwood, Tamanu, Geranium, Emu

Powders: Zinc, Arrowroot, Benzoin Gum

Waters: Rice Water, Chamomile Water, Helichrysum Hyrdrosol Water

Raw Foods: Onion, Garlic, Rice (juices & nutrients are extracted from these food)

Clays : Deep Sea Mud, Rhassoul 


P.S. There are no nut ingredients in this product.  All products are made to order becuase it has a limited shelf life and takes a total of 2-3 days to complete (made in house from raw ingredients).  

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